About Us

We have hip hop clothing, rapper outfits, street fashion. Including the most popular varsity jackets ,leather jackets, pants etc. Many rappers have chosen us, what are you waiting for?

May be this is "The Other Place" you are looking for? 

Rap, beatbox, DJ, skateboards and graffiti, street culture and street dance all of these cool elements are been integrated in our fashion design.

The Other Place is a comprehensive and  growing up fashion company from Italy.

It was founded by a group of young people who love street art and have a keen sense of fashion. It aims to define the fashion trend of young people, and substitute the trends that young people like into traditional designs to make them mainstream.

Although we currently only have one physical store. But we believe that in the near future we will make more achievements, bring our brand to all corners of the world, and gain a place in the field of young people's fashion.

Our footsteps will never stop.


Salute !!!